Akulaku Group taps on HSBC to Drive Expansion in Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE, [March 22, 2024] – Akulaku Group (“Akulaku” or “The Company”), a leading banking and digital finance platform in Southeast Asia, today announced the successful closing of a credit facility from HSBC Singapore branch of up to $100 million (including an uncommitted accordion). The strategic financing arrangement will further enable Akulaku’s expansion plans, deepening its … Baca Selengkapnya

Akulaku Group Presents Tangible Contribution to Support Environmental Sustainability in Ujung Menteng Urban Forest

JAKARTA [JANUARY 11, 2024] – Akulaku Group, a leading banking and digital finance platform in Southeast Asia, is committed to making a positive impact on society by planting tree saplings in the Ujung Menteng Urban Forest in East Jakarta. Akulaku Group collaborates with LindungiHutan in carrying out this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative as a … Baca Selengkapnya

This Is How Akulaku Group Drives Financial Literacy Improvement

SINGAPORE – Akulaku Group, a leading banking and digital finance platform in Southeast Asia, outlines its strategic steps in enhancing financial literacy among the younger generation in Southeast Asia. Fan Zhang, Chief Financial Officer of Akulaku Group, revealed that the company is committed to expanding the coverage of its financial literacy programs across various business … Baca Selengkapnya

Strengthening Financial Literacy, Akulaku Strengthens Collaboration with Educational Institutions and Communities

SINGAPORE – Akulaku Group, a leading banking and digital finance platform in Southeast Asia, continues to strengthen its commitment to enhancing financial literacy in Indonesia. Through a series of strategic steps, the digital financial ecosystem plans to forge closer partnerships with various educational institutions and communities. This is done to promote increased financial understanding among … Baca Selengkapnya

Akulaku Group Strengthens Its Commitment to Customer Privacy with ISO 27701 Certification

SINGAPORE [Dec 5th, 2023] – Akulaku Group, a leading financial and banking platform with digital service in Southeast Asia, is proud to announce its recent successful attainment of ISO 27701 certification. Chief Information Security Officer of Akulaku Group, Xiong Yaofu, stated that the company is delighted to announce the attainment of the ISO 27701 certification. … Baca Selengkapnya

Cultivating Digital Savvy: Akulaku Group Elevates Youth in Bali’s Art Scene

DENPASAR [November 14th, 2023] – Akulaku Group, a leading digital banking and financial technology platform ecosystem in Southeast Asia, recently successfully conducted a financial literacy program entitled “Generasi Muda Semua Bisa” (Young Generation Can Do It All) at the Indonesian Arts Institute Denpasar. The initiative aimed to encourage the young generation to acquire education and … Baca Selengkapnya

Akulaku Group Supports Environmental Conservation by Planting 1001 Mangroves in Bali

DENPASAR [November 10th, 2023] – Akulaku Group, a leading digital financial and banking ecosystem in Southeast Asia, is actively contributing to environmental conservation efforts. This commitment is manifested through the planting of 1001 mangrove seedlings in Teluk Benoa, Badung Regency, as part of the campaign titled #AkuHijaukanIndonesia (in English: GreenifyIndonesia). Akulaku Group has partnered with … Baca Selengkapnya

Preparing the Next Generation: Akulaku Group’s Digital Literacy Program

MATARAM [November 8th, 2023] – Akulaku Group, a digital financial technology service provider ecosystem, has organized a financial literacy program titled “Young Generation Can Do It All” at Universitas Mataram. The event’s aim is to encourage the younger generation to actively participate in the ongoing process of digitalization and was inaugurated by the Head of … Baca Selengkapnya

Akulaku’s Lombok Visit: Empowering Students Through Financial Education

MATARAM–Akulaku Group, a leading digital banking and finance platform ecosystem in Southeast Asia, had the opportunity to hold a financial literacy event entitled “Young Generation as the Drivers of Indonesia’s Digital Economy” at Gedung Dome Prof. Sunarpi, Universitas Mataram on Nov 7th, 2023.   “Through this activity we want to educate students about how to … Baca Selengkapnya

Akulaku, an application that makes it easier for users to meet various needs

JAKARTA, [25 October 2023] – Akulaku is a leading digital financial service and e-commerce application provider in Southeast Asia. The application can be accessed by cellphone users in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. The application which was officially launched in 2016 provides inclusive credit & financial services for those who have not been reached by … Baca Selengkapnya