Akulaku Group Strengthens Its Commitment to Customer Privacy with ISO 27701 Certification

SINGAPORE [Dec 5th, 2023] – Akulaku Group, a leading financial and banking platform with digital service in Southeast Asia, is proud to announce its recent successful attainment of ISO 27701 certification.

Chief Information Security Officer of Akulaku Group, Xiong Yaofu, stated that the company is delighted to announce the attainment of the ISO 27701 certification.

“It is reflecting Akulaku Group’s determination and hard work in ensuring the security and privacy of customer data. We understand that customer trust is a valuable asset, and through compliance with international standards like ISO 27701, we strengthen our commitment to delivering secure and reliable financial services throughout Southeast Asia.”

This certification serves as a testament to Akulaku Group’s dedication to safeguarding customer privacy, reflecting the company’s commitment to information security within the dynamic landscape of financial technology.

ISO 27701, a privacy management system standard jointly developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), provides a robust framework for establishing, implementing, and maintaining Privacy Information Management Systems (PIMS).

This certification serves as an extension of ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002, offering comprehensive guidelines for effectively and sustainably protecting customer privacy data.

ISO 27701 provides concrete guidance on identifying, analyzing, and taking actions to reduce privacy risks to acceptable levels. With a focus on personal data protection, this standard enables organizations to achieve a high level of compliance with personal privacy security.

Akulaku Group, currently present in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, remains committed to strengthening governance and information security assurance while ensuring customer data security as a top priority.


About The Akulaku Group

The Akulaku group is a leading banking and digital finance platform in Southeast Asia, with a presence in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. Its foremost goal is to address the daily financial needs of underserved customers in emerging markets by providing digital banking, digital financing, digital investment, and insurance brokerage services.Our pioneering technologies at Akulaku Group are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our users and partners by facilitating access to digital finance. In addition to the Akulaku virtual credit card and ecommerce platform, the company operates Asetku and OneAset, online wealth management platforms; Neobank, a mobile digital bank supported by Bank Neo Commerce; and OwnBank, an innovative banking and financial management app. Akulaku Group’s mission is to serve 50 million users across Southeast Asia by the year 2025.

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