Cultivating Digital Savvy: Akulaku Group Elevates Youth in Bali’s Art Scene

DENPASAR [November 14th, 2023] – Akulaku Group, a leading digital banking and financial technology platform ecosystem in Southeast Asia, recently successfully conducted a financial literacy program entitled “Generasi Muda Semua Bisa” (Young Generation Can Do It All) at the Indonesian Arts Institute Denpasar.

The initiative aimed to encourage the young generation to acquire education and actively participate in addressing various challenges posed by digitization. The event was officially inaugurated by the Head of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Planning, and Cooperation at the Indonesian Arts Institute Denpasar, Dr. I Komang Arba Wirawan.

The Indonesian Arts Institute Denpasar expressed appreciation for Akulaku Group’s efforts in providing education to the younger generation, including practitioners in the field of arts, to face the challenges and changes in the digital era.

This activity served as a platform for sharing knowledge and a discussion forum expected to be highly beneficial for hundreds of students, practitioners, and micro-businesses in the arts sector.

As part of the “Generasi Muda Semua Bisa” program, Akulaku Group brought in several speakers to provide valuable insights during the event.

Senior Business Development Manager, Nicky Adityantini Putri, emphasized that the digital era continues to evolve and presents significant growth opportunities, including in digital financial services.

“Digital financial services play an increasingly vital role in fostering inclusive economic growth,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Former Regent of Klungkung and pioneer figure in cooperative development, I Nyoman Suwirta, stressed the importance for the productive generation to remain relevant amidst the rapid changes brought about by the digital age.

“The era of digital development brings rapid changes, and we must continue to learn and adapt to avoid falling behind.”

The “Generasi Muda Semua Bisa” program reflects Akulaku Group’s tangible commitment to supporting talent development and financial education for various segments of society in Indonesia.

By sharing knowledge and experiences from practitioners in various fields, Akulaku Group hopes to assist the younger generation in preparing for the waves of digitization.

Akulaku Group acknowledges that the development of the digital era must be accompanied by genuine efforts from digital financial service providers to educate and mentor the young generation communities.

Through the “Generasi Muda Semua Bisa” program, Akulaku Group believes they are on the right track to support the strengthening of fundamental foundations and financial literacy as a key step towards building inclusive finance.


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