Akulaku’s Spectacular News for All Indonesian People

In dealing with the situation of the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19), the Indonesian Government has established a policy by providing policies that calm the hearts of several Indonesians, namely the stimulus policy of relaxation and credit restructuring or it could also be said to be delaying payments for ALovers whose economy has been affected by the pandemic. This is supported by the OJK or Financial Services Authority, as the institution that supervises financial activities in Indonesia.


Just for information, ALovers. The definition of relaxation here is a policy of relief for proposed installments which usually takes the form of delaying payments.


In the difficult times of the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, which is full of uncertainty and ignorance, ALovers who make online loans or other credit money loans are worried about facing installments that will balloon if they are not paid off immediately. Especially for workers who are forced to be laid off to balance the company’s cash (laid off) and for those whose work only gets a daily wage whose income is uncertain. Especially for online motorcycle taxis, traders and MSMEs. Relaxation of payment relief or postponement of payments is one of the hopes for Debtors to be given a certain deadline to be able to make payments.


Previously, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) had released policy regulations via its official website https://www.ojk.go.id/ Number 11//POJK.03/2020 concerning National Economic Stimulus as a Countercyclical Policy for the Impact of the Spread of Coronavirus. The regulation states several points, one of which is regarding how credit/financing restructuring or payment delays are carried out as regulated in OJK regulations regarding asset quality assessment.


Well… Don’t worry anymore, ALovers. Because there is good news that you have been waiting for! In an effort to support government policies in assisting economic recovery for debtors affected by COVID-19, PT Akulaku Finance Indonesia provides a solution in the form of a financing relaxation program. This credit policy relaxation program can take the form of restructuring or rescheduling. This program only applies to debtors who are affected by COVID-19 and meet the requirements for applications for relaxation of financing relief in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The implementation includes procedures for submitting requests for financing relaxation from the Debtor up to the Debtor’s financing relaxation agreement with PT Akulaku Finance Indonesia.


For those of you who are still confused, Kula will provide more complete information in this article, Financing Relaxation is an effort to provide relief in terms of paying obligations for debtors who have the potential to experience difficulties in fulfilling their obligations due to the impact of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the Financing Relaxation Policy is a guideline that includes procedures, reassessments, as well as rules and other matters related to the relaxation of Debtors’ financing because their income or sources of income are affected by COVID-19.


  1. Contact Customer Service or Collection Hotline

You can contact Customer Service at 1500920 or Collection Hotline 021-24112009 or via email collection.indonesia@akulaku.com during strategic active working hours.


  1. Akulaku Team Provides Application Form for Payment Postponement Relaxation

After you have connected to the number. The Akulaku Team will send a Financing Relaxation Application Form to your email. So it is very important for ALovers to have an active e-mail or if you already have one, can you use it again?


  1. Fill out the Relaxation Form for Requesting Financing Relaxation

At this stage, you can fill in the Application Form for Relaxation or payment delay and then send it to the Customer Service Team along with other supporting documents. Fill it in appropriately and honestly


  1. Akulaku Team Performs Verification

Then after you have sent all the required documents, the Akulaku Team will process and verify the data that has been provided. Later, the Akulaku Team will inform you about requests for funding relaxation or payment delays that have been approved or not approved via e-mail or telephone, and our decision has been given carefully and of course ALovers cannot interfere with what the Akulaku Team has decided.


How about it, ALovers? I assume you understand and understand the credit relaxation policy that PT Akulaku Indonesia has worked on, hopefully you can understand and understand that we are both in a difficult situation.