Akulaku’s Spectacular News for All Indonesian People

In dealing with the situation of the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19), the Indonesian Government has established a policy by providing policies that calm the hearts of several Indonesians, namely the stimulus policy of relaxation and credit restructuring or it could also be said to be delaying payments for ALovers whose economy has been affected by the pandemic. This is supported by the OJK or Financial Services Authority, as the institution that supervises financial activities in Indonesia.

In the difficult times of the Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, which is full of uncertainty and ignorance, ALovers who make online loans or other credit money loans are worried about facing installments that will balloon if they are not paid off immediately. Especially for workers who are forced to be laid off to balance the company’s cash (laid off) and for those whose work only gets a daily wage whose income is uncertain. Especially for online motorcycle taxis, traders and MSMEs. Relaxation of payment relief or postponement of payments is one of the hopes for Debtors to be given a certain deadline to be able to make payments.

How about it, ALovers? I assume you understand and understand the credit relaxation policy that PT Akulaku Indonesia has worked on, hopefully you can understand and understand that we are both in a difficult situation.