Akulaku Increases Financial Literacy Through Educational Activities at Lampung State Polytechnic

BANDAR LAMPUNG, [30 August 2023] – A digital-based financing company part of the Akulaku Group ecosystem, PT Akulaku Finance Indonesia, is holding financial education activities at the Lampung State Polytechnic.

Organizing this activity is a form of commitment from Akulaku Finance Indonesia to support increasing financial literacy in various regions of Indonesia.

The activity, which took place at the Lampung State Polytechnic Multipurpose Building, aimed to increase students’ understanding and fundamentals in managing finances.

With a commitment to making a positive contribution, this activity was very well received by the Lampung State Polytechnic academic community, attended by hundreds of students who were enthusiastic about deepening their knowledge about financial management.

The event was officially opened by the President Director of Akulaku Finance Indonesia Efrinal Sinaga and the Director of Lampung State Polytechnic Sarono.

Through organizing financial education, Akulaku shares insights about the importance of managing finances wisely, the importance of financial literacy, and the benefits of digital financial services in everyday life.

Akulaku Finance Indonesia’s Funding Senior Manager, Bening Windy Martias, expressed the importance of financial understanding in facing the era of digitalization. He hopes that the younger generation can gain valuable knowledge to be able to manage their finances better.

“Understanding how to organize and manage finances is very important, especially in the digital era. By sharing knowledge with students, we hope that Indonesia’s young generation will be wiser when utilizing digital financial services,” he said.

The event also featured a young entrepreneur from Bandar Lampung, Dimas Dwi Septian, who also shared personal experiences in managing finances when starting his business. He underlined the importance of financial literacy in planning the future.

“We really appreciate the initiative taken by Akulaku Finance Indonesia to support increasing financial literacy among young people. Knowledge about financial management is really needed, especially for students in facing various challenges.”

In facing an era of changing lifestyles that are increasingly digital, Akulaku Group’s digital financial services have become an integral part of various daily needs. Akulaku Group as a pioneering ecosystem of digital financial service providers is committed to helping various levels of society understand the benefits and how to use digital financial services wisely.

Through ongoing initiatives to continue providing financial education space to various levels of society, Akulaku continues to strengthen its commitment to increasing digital financial literacy in Indonesia.