Akulaku Finance Collaboration with BAZNAS RI for Distribution of Archipelago Nutrition Packages to 3T Regions

PT Akulaku Finance Indonesia partnered with the Republic of Indonesia’s National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS) to distribute Nusantara Nutrition Packages in celebrating Eid al-Adha 1444 H.

The Archipelago Nutrition Package itself is a package of ready-to-eat sacrificial meat that has been packed in cans. The packages will be distributed to various levels of society spread across a number of areas that are included in the 3T category (underdeveloped, foremost and outermost) in Indonesia.

The collaboration in distributing the sacrificial meat packages was carried out at the Baznas Building, Jakarta and was attended directly by the President Director of Akulaku Finance Indonesia Efrinal Sinaga, the Director of Finance and Accounting for Akulaku Finance Indonesia Yuli Akhrita, and Deputy I for BAZNAS RI Collection Sector M. Arifin Purwakananta and Deputy II Division of Distribution and Utilization of BAZNAS RI, Dr. H. M. Imdadun Rahmat M.Si,

Akulaku Finance Indonesia Director of Finance and Accounting Yuli Akhrita revealed that this collaboration was part of the company’s initiative in welcoming the Eid al-Adha 1444 Hijriah celebration in 2023. He hopes that this collaboration can provide benefits for recipients.

“We at Akulaku Finance hope that this initiative can reach the wider community and provide benefits to beneficiaries, especially in the 3T areas,” he said.

Deputy I of BAZNAS RI Collection Sector M. Arifin Purwakananta revealed that the spirit of collaboration that exists between Baznas and Akulaku Finance Indonesia is a concrete form of efforts to generate a spirit of sharing ahead of Eid al-Adha 1444 Hijriah.

He hopes that this collaboration in organizing the distribution of qurbani meat packages will inspire various parties to take part in the implementation of an effective and efficient sacrifice.

“This is a collaboration that we have done many times with PT Akulaku Finance Indonesia. Hopefully this can inspire more parties to also be able to roll out similar initiatives,” he said.