Akulaku Finance Promotes Financial Education for Students in Palembang

Akulaku Indonesia Continues its Commitment to Improving Financial Literacy for People in Various Regions throughout Indonesia.

Akulaku Finance Indonesia presented a financial education talk show at UIN Raden Patah Palembang South Sumatra entitled “Young Generation All Can”. The financial education talk show’s audience consists mainly of students and members of the academic community of the UIN Raden Patah campus.

The President Director of Akulaku Indonesia, Efrinal Sinaga, discussed how the rapid development of the digital era needs to be accompanied by continuous efforts to increase literacy rates and efforts to ensure that every level of society has access to an education on the fundamentals of financial management.

“As one of the leading digital-based finance companies in Indonesia, Akulaku Indonesia has the responsibility to improve financial literacy and participate in educating the public, especially the younger generation, so that they have a good basic understanding of finance in the digital era,” Sinaga noted.

This education should include an overview of financial planning, the importance of setting priorities, and how to wisely utilize access to digital finance.

“We also hope that the younger generation can understand that the presence of Akulaku PayLater can further facilitate and assist the community in managing secure financial cash flows,” continued Sinaga.
In addition to presenting the financial education talk shows, Akulaku PayLater is also presenting a series of other activities in Palembang, including exhibitions, promotions for the celebration of Akulaku’s 6th anniversary, and various attractive offers released daily from June 15th to July 15th 2022 at Palembang Square.