Akulaku Finance Establishes Executing Financing Cooperation with BPR Supra Artapersada

Jakarta, 20 October 2020 In an effort to support economic recovery in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Akulaku Finance Indonesia and BPR Supra Artapersada entered into a financing collaboration using an executing mechanism on Monday 19 October 2020. Through this collaboration, Akulaku Finance will obtain additional capacity funding to increase credit distribution.

Efrinal Sinaga, President Director of Akulaku Finance Indonesia explained regarding this collaboration, “The executing financing collaboration with BPR Supra Artapersada is a concrete manifestation of the company’s strategy in creating positive business growth in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, the quality of financing will continue to be maintained by following the risk management parameters that have been improved by Akulaku Finance.”

“Thank you for the trust of BPR Supra Artapersada Bogor for providing executing financing facilities to Akulaku Finance at a time when banking credit growth is slowing. Through this collaboration, we see that the scope of collaboration between this digital-based financing company is quite broad, not only with Commercial Banks but also with BPRs. We believe one of the supporting factors for this agreement is the company’s good performance and the potential of the digital financing business. “This collaboration will have a good impact on the growth of the financing business amidst the pandemic,” said Efrinal.

Adrian Kurnia Khoe, Business Director of PT BPR Supra Artapersada gave a statement regarding the signing of the collaboration with Akulaku Finance, “As a BPR that is accustomed to serving people in small towns, BPR Supra Artapersada believes that the synergy established with Akulaku Finance will be able to provide benefits to consumers who need financing services in various regions in Indonesia, including small cities. This reach to a wider layer of consumers is possible because of the technology owned by Akulaku Finance.”

“The distribution of this working capital facility to Akulaku Finance is based on our trust in the capacity and quality of Akulaku Finance Indonesia customers. “Apart from that, the synergy between BPRs and digital-based financing companies is a good collaboration to also increase financial inclusion in Indonesia, and we hope that this collaboration can be further enhanced in the form of channeling financing facilities,” concluded Adrian.