Privacy Policy (For Customers)

The existence of this Privacy Policy is part of Street Corner Ecommerce Sdn Bhd (“Silvrrplus”, “Us” or “We”) in order to protect users’ privacy and personal data. To provide the best service to you and protect your interests, we will only collect your information that we need. We will not process, analyze, store or share your information with third parties without your consent unless this has been regulated based on the legal provisions in force under the jurisdiction of the Malaysian Laws (“Applicable Law“).

We ensure compliance with this Privacy Policy by Us, Our employees, Our Affiliates and external services that work or perform services for Us. For this purpose, We have taken the necessary actions based on the provisions of Applicable Law.

In using our services and/or products, you must read and agree to the “Terms and Conditions for Using the Silvrrplus Application” which is an integral part of this Privacy Policy.

We do not provide services to anyone under the age of 18. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided to Us any personally identifiable information without their consent, he or she should contact Us. If we become aware that anyone under the age of 18 has provided Us with any personally identifiable information, we will delete such information and the account.

The Privacy Policy can be changed or updated from time to time and you are advised to always read and check the Privacy Policy carefully from time to time. We will always notify you in advance regarding any changes to this Privacy Policy via your registered email on the Silvrrplus Application or in other reasonable ways, including uploading notifications of these changes on the Silvrrplus Application. However, changes can take effect immediately without prior notification if prior notification is deemed impossible, for the User or legally required. By continuing to access and use the services available in the Silvrrplus Application, you are deemed to agree to changes to the Privacy Policy from time to time.


1.How We collect your data

1.1Personal data that you voluntarily provide us are as follows:

We will collect, store and process information that you voluntarily provide to us during registration and use of our application in connection with the following matters:

a.Fill in registration information including but not limited to name, address, telephone number, mobile number, email address, date of birth, occupation, financial records, list of installed applications, financial details and history, and any personal data contained in correspondence between you and Us via email, telephone or physical mail correspondence, as well as other information that we may require from time to time;

b.Biometric data (via voice files, facial features, or other parts of the body) provided when you upload the biometric data to Silvrrplus, when you consent to Silvrrplus’s use of your biometric data, Silvrrplus(or service providers, such as technology vendors, working on our behalf) collects face scan information—face geometry information and related information—necessary to accomplish the purposes stated in this Policy;

c.Data that you provide when making transactions and/or using the SilvrrplusCredit Program services available in the Silvrrplus Application;

d.Data that you provide through platforms, applications or other third parties, based on your consent on the relevant platform or application to the extent permitted by the provisions of Applicable Law;

e.Information contained in the correspondence between you and us via email or physical mail correspondence.

f.Information (including photos or pictures) that you provide when submitting criticism or suggestions or complaints to Silvrrplusand/or our merchants for the violation of our rules;

g.The information contained in your decision with consent if you decide to register with our services or products;

h.Review or opinion or feedbacks that you provide on our services and products;

i.Photos or pictures of evidence for product return and payment refund that you upload (if any); and

j.All data and or information that you provide to us voluntarily from time to time.

If the user objects and does not want to share the above personal information/data, the user can opt out or choose not to give consent to share personal information/data. Users can contact the Silvrrplus call center at any time as explained in point 8 below, if they want to change the agreement to use the user’s personal data.


1.1A Sensitive Personal Data

Some of the personal data that we collect may be sensitive in nature. This may include personal data pertaining to your race, national ID information, religious beliefs, background information (including financial and criminal records, where legally permissible), health data, disability, marital status and biometric data, as applicable including all other data stated in this Privacy Policy. We collect sensitive data only with your consent and/or in strict compliance with applicable laws. In the event that you are required to furnish any documentation or information to us for any purpose which may contain such sensitive personal data (which is not required for the purpose of Silvrrplus Application), you agree to redact such sensitive personal data before providing such documentation or information to us.


1.1B Personal Data of other Individuals

In some circumstances where you are required to provide the personal data of other  individuals (such as spouse, family members or friends) to us for the purpose of emergency contact or any other purpose under the Silvrrplus Application, you hereby represent and warrant that you have obtained their consent for their personal data to be collected, used and disclosed as set out in this Privacy Policy.


1.2Personal data that We collect automatically

Apart from the data that you send to us voluntarily, we will also collect your data through the use of cookies or other similar tracking technologies on the device you use (“Information“), to the extent permitted by the provisions of Applicable Law, Google Play Store and App policies. Store (“Developer Policy”). For the avoidance of doubt, We will display disclosures and obtain your authorization before We collect Information, if such disclosure and authorization are required by the Developer Policy.

Information will contain information including but not limited to:

Information stored on your device will be sent automatically to our website, application or data center. Therefore, if you want to deactivate your information or delete your information that we collect automatically, you can do this by clearing cookies on your device where you have full control and rights over cookies or you can delete the Silvrrplus application.


1.3Personal data that we collect based on your consent through third party applications (such as Facebook or Google)

In order to improve your experience in using the Silvrrplus Application, you can register through your social media accounts or third party applications, including but not limited to Facebook and Google (“Social Media Accounts“), or you can connect your Social Media Account with your account. on the Silvrrplus Application. Based on your consent and also the privacy policy of the Social Media Account manager, through your Social Media Account, we can collect the following data including but not limited to:

Based on this privacy policy, we will use, process and protect all data and information that we collect through your social media account. In the event that you object to the data and or information that we have collected through your Social Media Account, or you intend to ask us to delete the data, you can contact us in the manner described in point 8 below. However, please note that certain features may no longer be used by you in connection with deleting the data.

By downloading or using the Silvrrplus Application, you hereby give consent to Silvrrplus to access the information as mentioned above, without requiring a separate approval from you.

Apart from the things mentioned above, we may also collect other information about you, your device or your use of our website or application with your consent (if required by applicable law).


2.How We use Your data

As a trading platform application company that facilitates legal online trading activities and complies with Applicable Laws, Silvrrplus has an interest in providing the best service and increasing the efficiency of its application. Therefore, we will use and process your personal data including but not limited:


If you decide to get financial products from our Affiliates or Partners through our application, then, we will use this data to initiate and maintain correspondence with you via electronic mail (email), SMS (short message service), registered mail, telephone calls and other channels as permitted by Applicable Law.

Apart from the points mentioned above, we may also use your personal data to protect and prevent fraud, claims and other obligations to comply with Applicable Laws if necessary. In this situation, We reserve the right to freeze, disable or take appropriate action against Your account in accordance with Applicable Law.

In the event that the user no longer uses the Silvrrplus application or is no longer registered as an Silvrrplus user, we shall take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently delete all personal data within twenty-four (24) months subject to any requirement set out by relevant authorities. During the retention period, we will not share your personal data (including but not limited to biometric data) to any third party in a way that violates the law.


3.With whom We may share Your data

To protect your privacy, we will not sell, rent or disclose your information to any third party without your consent. However, in order to facilitate you to get better services and or products as well as to fulfill our operational needs, we may share your personal data with the following third parties:

a.Our Affiliated Companies. We may share your data with parent companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures and other entities under our direct and or indirect control (“Affiliates”), as long as permitted by the provisions of Applicable Law from time to time, including but not limited to data center owned by us, namely at In this regard, we will use our best efforts to get these other entities to respect this Privacy Policy;

b.Our Partner Companies. We may share your data with third-party companies that work with us (“Partners“) based on the financial products that you requested through our platform as long as permitted by the provisions of Applicable Law from time to time. In this regard, we will use our best efforts to get these partners to respect this Privacy Policy;

c.Third Party Service Providers that we have appointed to act on our behalf in providing services and ensuring that our functions and services can run properly and efficiently. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not allow Third Party Service Providers to use your personal data for other purposes;

d.IT system management providers that we use who act on our behalf, to manage IT systems that may contain personal data;

e.The payment system provider that we appoint will operate the system based on the provisions of the Applicable Law;

f.To our advisers and insurance companies, in the event of a claim;

g.Government agencies, stock exchange agencies or representatives, or to respond to requests from law enforcement authorities under Applicable Law.

h.For the purpose of merger, sale, restructuring or transfer of assets, We may transfer Your data to Our Affiliates, successors or new owners. For the avoidance of doubt, these measures may only be applied as permitted under the provisions of Applicable Law. In connection with this, we will use our best efforts to get these parties as mentioned to respect this Privacy Policy; and

i.other third parties in order to achieve the purpose of using data and information as stated in point 2 above.

To the extent permitted and in accordance with the provisions of Applicable Law, We may transfer Your data and or information outside the registered jurisdiction to achieve operational purposes as regulated in this Privacy Policy.


4.Security of your data

In maintaining the security of your data, we use an electronic system that is equipped with an adequate level of security, required by applicable law and we will update the security level from time to time. However, please note that although we always take the best possible steps to protect your personal data, no website, internet transmission, computer system or wireless connection is completely secure.

In the event illegal access and activities against the confidentiality of your personal data which is beyond the control of Silvrrplus, Silvrrplus will immediately notify you at the earliest to reduce the risks arising from it.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data details including username, password, email or any other verification mode on Silvrrplus to anyone and to always maintain and be responsible for the security of the device you are using.


4A. Acknowledgement and Approval

This Privacy Policy may be changed and/or updated from time to time. We advise you to always read carefully and check this page from time to time to find our any changes.

You can withdraw your consent for any or all of the collection, use, disclosure or your personal data at any time by providing reasonable written notice to the contact listed below.

You hereby understand and acknowledge that if Silvrrplus approved the withdrawal of your consent, such withdrawal may result in the termination of your account or your contractual relationship with Silvrrplus where all rights and obligations of each party are still fully protected.


4B. Phishing

Identity theft and the practice of currently known as ‘phishing’ are of great concern to Silvrrplus. Safeguarding information to help protect you from identity theft is a top priority. We do not and will not, at any time request your credit information, login password, or national identification numbers in a non-secure or unsolicited email or telephone communication.


4C. Disclaimer

We may not be held responsible in any form for:

a.the security and confidentiality of your personal data that you store by yourself or submit to third parties or other parties;

b.the security and confidentiality of personal data whose disclosure has been made to the public or third parties, whether the disclosure is done by you or any other party than us, and the disclosure occurs not because of our negligence or mistake in protecting your personal data;

c.all consequences arising from your negligence in  keeping the security and confidentiality of your personal data; and

d.all consequences arising from the use of any media that you use to store, upload, submit, transfer and/or share your personal data, such as, among others; internet network and cloud storage services.


5.Sites provided by third parties

In using our platform, you may find links that will take you to other sites that are owned by third parties, whether they are affiliate sites, partners or other sites, where this Privacy Policy does not apply to the site resulting from the link. Please read the Privacy Policy provided by these third parties carefully considering that we do not have any responsibility for the Privacy Policy.


6.Your rights as the owner of the data

For all data that you provide to us voluntarily, and which we collect automatically as explained in point 1 above, you have the right to:

a.The right to obtain information. You have the right to obtain information by asking us about your data that we store from time to time. This information includes, among other things, your data that we store, lists of names of third parties who receive your data from us, lists of names of third parties who provide your data to us, if we get your data from other third parties

b.Right to correct. You have the right to update or change your data stored with us.

c.Right to deletion. You have the right to partially or completely delete your data stored with us from time to time, on the following basis:

a)You withdraw Your consent to be a user on Our platform;

b)Your data has been used unlawfully; and

c)Other things that you think have violated your rights.


6A. The right to make a complaint to the authorities.

You have the right to make a complaint to the relevant authorities, in this case, the complaint is emailed to the Department of Personal Data Protection (

In connection with your request to obtain information, correct and delete data, we will verify the authenticity of your identity before we process the request. Furthermore, we have the right to stop our services to you either in part or in whole after deleting your data on our platform.

You can exercise your rights to obtain information, correct and delete data by contacting us in the manner described in point 8 below.


7.Consent you give

By registering as a user on our platform, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions for Using the Silvrrplus Application, therefore you agree to all the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


8.How to contact Us

In accordance with the Privacy Policy above, We are committed to fulfilling any requests or concerns that You may face regarding Your personal data. If you wish to withdraw your consent, delete, request access to, or modify the information you have provided to us, please contact us at:


Street Corner Ecommerce Sdn Bhd

Call Center: 03-9213 1022