SILVRR Refund and Return Policy


Updated on December 1, 2021

1. Return/Refund Application

According to SILVRR Refund and Return Policy and SILVRR Merchant Service Terms, buyers can apply for product return and/or refund services before the expiration of the SILVRR guarantee period specified in the terms.

2. Buyer’s Rights

  1. i) The buyer enjoys a 15-day return protection period after the receipt of products according to the law and can apply for return and exchange under the following circumstances:
  1. ii) The buyer cannot apply for a refund under the following circumstances:

Special promotional products are subject to separate agreements.

Please note that the buyer must return each product to the seller without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the date the buyer communicates the decision to cancel the order. The buyer will be liable and not entitled to request the seller to refund any value reduction caused by the handling of the products.

If the buyer has begun to take legal action against the seller, the buyer needs to provide SILVRR with a formal notice from the relevant authorities, requiring SILVRR to continue to hold the purchase money until a formal decision is obtained. SILVRR will decide whether it is necessary to continue to hold such purchase money.

3. Seller’s Rights

SILVRR will notify the seller when receiving the buyer’s return and/or refund application. The seller can respond to the buyer’s application according to the steps provided by SILVRR in the written notice. The seller must respond within the time period specified in the written notice (the “specified time period”). If SILVRR does not receive the seller’s message within the specified time period, SILVRR will assume that the seller has not responded to the buyer’s application (no objection), and will continue to assist the buyer in the return/refund application without prior notice to the seller.

SILVRR will review the response of each seller on a case-by-case basis, and determine whether the buyer’s application is successful or not based on the buyer’s mentioned situations.

4. Return Conditions

In order to enjoy a hassle-free experience when returning the product, the buyer should ensure that the product, including any free products, such as the accessories attached to the product, must be returned to the seller in the state the buyer received at the time of delivery (the time of signing for receipt). Therefore, the returned product must be brand new, unworn, and intact. Second-hand products must not have any additional damage or traces of use. We suggest that the buyer take photos after receiving the product.

5. Accountability of the Delivery Fees of Returned Products

  1. i) If an unforeseen error happened to the products on account of the seller (for example, delivering damaged, defective or wrong products to the buyer), the seller will bear the buyer’s return delivery fees.
  2. ii) In the event that the buyer changes his/her mind, the buyer shall obtain the seller’s consent before submitting a return request, and the buyer shall bear the return delivery fees.

iii) In the event of a dispute between the buyer and seller on the accountability for the return delivery fees, SILVRR will determine the party responsible for the return delivery fees.

6. Refund and Disputes

  1. i) Generally, for the order that the buyer has initiated a refund application but the seller has already sent out the products, the order’s amount will be refunded to the buyer after SILVRR has received the seller’s confirmation on the receipt of the returned products.
  2. ii) When SILVRR receives the refund and dispute settlement request initiated by a user, SILVRR will negotiate and handle transaction issues for the buyer and the seller based on the actual situation. If SILVRR does not receive the buyer or the seller’s message within the specified time period, SILVRR will have the right to determine the accountabilities of both parties and refund the money to the buyer or cancel the dispute without prior notice to the buyer or seller. The specified time period is usually 3 working days.

7. Communications Between the Seller and the Buyer

SILVRR encourages its users (buyers and sellers) to communicate with each other when there is an issue of transaction. Since SILVRR is a platform for users to conduct transactions, buyers should contact the sellers directly to solve any problems related to the purchased products.