Gojek and Akulaku Finance Encourage Strengthening Financial Literacy in Eastern Indonesia

Makassar, 18 June 2021 – Gojek is collaborating with Akulaku Finance Indonesia to carry out financial literacy education among students in Eastern Indonesia.

This education began with holding a webinar session on financial literacy within the academic community at Hasanuddin University Makassar.

The program is also part of Muda Maju Bersama, which is Gojek’s initiative in empowering young people in Eastern Indonesia through the use of technology that has a positive social impact on the community with their passion.

The strategic collaboration between the two companies is clear evidence of Gojek and Akulaku Finance’s concern for realizing an even distribution of understanding of financial literacy in various regions in Indonesia.

Head of Regional Corporate Affairs Gojek for East Indonesia Mulawarman, said “We realize that our initiative in building the spirit of entrepreneurship in various regions through the Muda Maju Bersama program needs to run in parallel with education about the fundamentals of good financial understanding and management. In this way, the initiative can provide a positive social impact in a sustainable manner,” he said.

Head of Corporate Affairs Akulaku Finance Indonesia Wildan Kesuma, said that Akulaku as a financial services business actor in the digital financing sector is fully committed to supporting the efforts of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to increase financial literacy in the country.

“Education on financial literacy is not just a corporate social responsibility, but also our commitment in encouraging the formation of a wider community that is financially empowered,” he said.

Research by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in 2019 shows that the level of financial literacy among millennials aged 18-25 years is only 32.1%. Meanwhile, the level of financial literacy in the age group of 25-35 years is 33.5%.

This illustrates that the millennial age group is still quite vulnerable financially. Thus, there needs to be more comprehensive education from various parties to educate people, especially young people, to be wiser in managing finances.

Integrita Financial Founder & CEO Ghita Argasasmita emphasized that the younger generation needs to improve their mindset and have a good understanding of financial management.