Coupon Usage Rules

I.What is the Akulaku coupon?

Akulaku coupon is a conditional use coupon for order amount reduction. When submitting an installment order, you can use the coupon to reduce a certain amount of the order when the conditions set for the use of the coupon are met. 


II.How to get Akulaku coupons?

Akulaku will conduct joint promotions with its partner merchants from time to time, and issue coupon redemption codes through marketing ads in the Akulaku App, SMS push, and marketing ads on the partner merchants’ side. Users simply enter the coupon code when placing an order, select and use the coupon to receive a reduction in the order amount. 


III. How to use the coupons?

Users can obtain the coupon redemption code through marketing ads in Akulaku App, SMS push, and marketing ads on the partner merchants’ side, etc. When placing an order, users can select Akulaku PayLater as the payment method and choose to use a coupon, enter the coupon redemption code to activate the coupon and enjoy the corresponding order amount discount.


IV.How to view the redeemed coupons?

Users can view the details of the redeemed coupons and their expiration dates in the “Coupons” of the Akulaku App’s “Account” page. Coupons can only be used within the validity period.


V.Notes on the Use of Coupons

(1) Each coupon has certain rules of use. Please read the relevant instructions carefully before using the coupon. Users can read the relevant instructions in “Coupons” on the “Personal” page;

(2) Coupons must be used within the validity period and only one Akulaku PayLater coupon can be used per order;

(3) Coupons do not support invoicing;

(4) If an order paid with a coupon is returned, the refund settlement will be refunded according to the actual settlement amount and the coupon will not be cashed out;

(5) If the coupon amount is higher than the order payment amount, the excess part will not be returned;

(6) If the order is canceled, the coupon will be returned; if the order is refunded or partially refunded, the coupon will not be returned;

(7) The coupons can only be used by the user. The sale or transfer of the coupon is strictly prohibited. If such behaviors are found and confirmed, the coupons will be invalidated;

(8) Akulaku is not responsible for the conditions that coupons cannot be used due to irregular reasons such as account theft or the user’s own reasons;

(9) Akulaku reserves the right to adjust, update and amend these terms of use at any time;

(10) To the extent permitted by law, Akulaku shall have the final right to interpret these terms of use.