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This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are and how they are used (the “Cookie Policy”). It is addressed to the public (hereinafter “the User” or “you”) visiting (hereinafter the “Website“) or using “Wisecart” application (the “App” ) through your mobile.

Cotsworlds Ecommerce Limited advises the User to read the Privacy policy and the Cookie Policy together as both are important for the protection of the User’s personal data.

Cotsworlds Ecommerce Limited (hereinafter “Wisecart”, “we”, “us”) is registered with the Belgian authorities[1] under BCE n°[XXX], with registered address Avenue Louise 65-11, 1050 Brussels, whose email and phone number are:, [xxx].


This Cookie Policy explains how Wisecart collects and processes your personal data using cookies when you access our Website or the App.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are non-executable text files deposited, unless the user opposes them, on the user’s terminal (e.g. computer, mobile phone, tablet) when they visit a website. Cookies enable the collection of information on the user’s navigation.

These information may relate for example, to your language preferences, to the pages you visited, to the order in which you visited these pages and the duration of that visit. For a complete overview of our data processing, we recommend you to read also our Privacy Policy, which can be found here.

Accordingly, when you visit our Website or the App, cookies may be installed on your terminal.

As you first access the Website or the App, a cookie banner will appear asking you whether you accept the use of all non-functional cookies. The cookie banner is the cookie warning that pops up when you enter the Website or the App. It also provides access to this Cookie Policy. You can at any time set your preferences (including refusing certain cookies) via the cookie banner or by changing your browser settings, as detailed below.

3.The type of Cookies used on our Website or the App

Two types of cookies are used on our Website or the App:

You will find below a description of the functioning of the different types of cookies, as well as how you can prevent certain cookies from being placed, or how you can delete already placed cookies by adjusting your cookie settings.

Cookies have different lifespans. Certain cookies are only used for the duration of your session, and expire after the visit. Others will be stored for a certain period, which may be weeks, months or years. We provide a more detailed description of cookies’ lifespan below.

The main purpose of cookies is to improve and simplify your browsing experience of the Website or the App. However, some are used to manage and improve our Website or the App and others for marketing purposes, as further described below.

Functional cookies are necessary for the functioning of our Website or the App. They are essential for the Website or the App to work properly and provide a good user experience. Therefore, you will not be able to refuse them if you wish to access our Website or the App. Given their technical necessity, these cookies are saved from the moment you access the Website or the App.

Please note that, for all other types of cookies, we will only place them upon your consent.

Name Expiry Type Purpose Own/Third party cookies
_c-token End of the session Functional user token for identify login status when call server APIs self  own cookies

Analytical and statistical cookies collect information that is intended to give Wisecart insights (usually via statistics) into how you and other visitors are using the Website or the App (for example, which functions are popular, which are not). This information can be used to improve the Website or the App and enhance your user experience.

Wisecart needs your consent for the use of analytical and statistical cookies as provided for under Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR. You can decline the use of such cookies or, if you agreed to their use, withdraw your consent at any time thereafter by adjusting your cookies settings as described in Article 4 below.

The analytical and statistical cookies used on our Website or the App are Google Analytics, which help us determining how you and other visitors use the Website or the App, managing the Website or the App (including measuring the usage of the Website or the App, drawing up statistics), and modifying and improving the Website or the App. To do so, these cookies assign randomly generated numbers to visitors to the Website or the App as an identifier. These cookies are used to calculate the number of visits to our Website or the App, the duration of a session and any campaign data for the sites’ analytics reports. The information generated by cookies about your use of our Website or our App is usually transmitted and stored in a Google server located in the USA. Since we have activated IP anonymization on our Website or App, your IP address will, however, be shortened by Google beforehand within Member States of the European Union. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and only shortened there (for more information on the purpose and scope of data collection, see

If you wish to object to the use of Google Analytics cookies, you can follow the following link:


Name Expiry Type Purpose Own/Third party cookies
_ga 2 years Analytics cookies These cookies are used to distinguish users. Third party cookies
_gid 24 hours Analytics cookies These cookies are used to distinguish users. Third party cookies
_ga_<container-id> 2 years Analytics cookies These cookies are used to persist session state. Third party cookies
_gac_gb_<container-id> 90 days Analytics cookies These cookies contain campaign related information. If you have linked your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, Google Ads website conversion tags will read this cookie unless you opt-out. Third party cookies

Third party cookies are cookies that do not originate from Wisecart. These cookies are set by third parties who will process your personal data in accordance with their own privacy policy in order to obtain further information about your browsing habits. Therefore, you should take into account the privacy policies of the third parties when setting these cookies (see Article 4).

In addition, our Website or the App may include links to third party Website or the Apps, networks, plug-ins or applications (e.g. Twitter, Facebook). Clicking on these links or enabling these connections may allow third parties to process information about you in accordance with their own privacy policies. When you leave our Website or the App, we encourage you to read the privacy policy of each third-party Website or the App, network, plug-in or application you visit.

4. Activation/deactivation of cookies on browsers

On your first visit to our Website or the App, you will be asked to set your preferences for the different types of cookies.

Even if you have consented to the use of these cookies, or refused them, you still have control over them. You still have the possibility to accept, filter, refuse and delete them by changing the settings in your web browser.

Please note that if you set your browser to reject cookies, you will not be able to access certain pages or features of the Website or the App that require the use of cookies.

The links for setting cookies for different browsers are as follows:

For more information about how to manage cookies on your device, you can also consult the procedure provided in

If the above-mentioned setting links do not work or become obsolete or if you are using a browser that is not listed above, you can still restrict or block cookies by changing your browser settings. In such a case, check the specific information in the help section of your browser to find out how to manage your cookie settings.

5. Contact point

For further information on cookies, you can send your request to:

6. Users’ complaints

If you are not satisfied with how Wisecart uses cookies and process your personal data, please address your request by mail at Wisecart, to the attention of, Our cookies policy officer will investigate your concern.

In any case, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority (www.autoriteprotectiondonné

If you are not a Belgian resident, you have the right to lodge your compliant with your local Data Protection Authority. Please find below the list of contact details of competent Data Protection Authorities:

Germany: you can contact the local Data Protection Authority responsible for you in the in your place of residence, your place of work or the place of the alleged infringement. A list with links to data protection authorities in Germany can be found under  

7. Updates to the Cookie Policy

Wisecart reserves the right to change, supplement or replace this Cookie Policy from time to time. Such changes, additions or substitutions will be brought to your attention via the Website or the App.

Last update: [X] [July] 2021

[1] The Crossroad Bank of Undertakings.