Be alert, ALovers! Hackers Start Spying on E-Commerce Accounts

Not long ago, netizens were shocked by the issue of customer data leakage from one of the big e-commerce companies in Indonesia. Safe online shopping, which was originally the favorite of ALovers, is now starting to haunt ALovers with the issue of data leaks in it. This issue spread through an account user on Twitter who stated that the hack occurred in March 2020 and there were 15 million user data containing emails, passwords and names that had been hacked. Quite a lot of consumers feel anxious and worried about the security of their data. Many of them are starting to double-check applications on their smartphones such as email, streaming applications, games, online shopping, and also social media accounts to ensure that their accounts remain safe from hackers.


Hackers are currently the main enemy for online technology companies. The hacking incident that hit e-commerce in Indonesia is not the first. Of course, this is a task that must be completed immediately for online-based business service providers, especially e-commerce, which has more than hundreds of millions of consumer data. Each company uses various methods to protect its consumers’ personal data from invisible criminals who can harm many people.


According to Pratama Persadha, as Chairman of the Indonesian Cyber Research Institute CISSReC, said that the hacker who hacked the e-commerce site published the results of his hack on a dark web site called Raid Forums. The stolen goods were published and sold using the name Whysodank.


“Indeed, the data for the password is still encrypted, but it’s just a matter of time until someone can open it, which is why the perpetrator wants to share several million accounts for free to create a kind of charade about who can successfully unlock the random code in the password.”


Then he also added that what e-commerce users can do is change their password and activate OTP (one time password) via SMS. Then change all passwords from social media accounts and other marketplace platforms.


Surely many of us are asking, why do big companies still suffer from hackers? Yup, no matter how sophisticated a large company’s technological system is, hackers will be smarter in finding and finding loopholes or weaknesses in the security system that has been created. Several months ago, Akulaku users also had their accounts hacked, but this has been handled and resolved by the relevant team to continue to maintain the security and comfort of Akulaku users. Eits, calm down, don’t be paranoid ALovers. You can minimize and prevent threats from hackers if you can deal with them quickly, you know!


So that online shopping is safe from hackers, let’s check out important tips from Kula!


  1. Don’t share the OTP code

The first safe online shopping tip from Kula is the OTP Code. You must be familiar with the term OTP code or One Time password. As we know, OTP usually contains a unique code or number used to process verification sent via email or SMS. Kula never gets tired of reminding ALovers to keep the OTP code secret from anyone, because Akulaku never asks you for the OTP code, to make online shopping safe and controlled, only God and you know, period.


  1. Don’t share your Akulaku account

Raise your hand, who from ALovers still often shares accounts and passwords with their partners or other people? Duh, ALovers isn’t Kula forbidding those of you who want to shop online safely, but you should not share your Akulaku account with anyone to minimize unwanted things, so as not to harm yourself and others. Make sure your email and telephone number are only used for your Akulaku account, ALovers!


  1. Change Password

If you are currently still using your date of birth as a password for all online accounts, hurry up and change it, because that will affect your ability to continue shopping online safely ALovers! I don’t know anymore, passwords use your date of birth. Yes, there is nothing wrong with using this password, but it is quite vulnerable because it can make it easier for hackers to take over your account. Here, for those of you who still don’t know how to change your Akulaku password, you can open the Akulaku application, click the personal menu, then select the settings button and just click password settings. Very easy, right? But after changing your password, make sure it is not shared with other people and most importantly, don’t forget your new password.


  1. Don’t open links from people you don’t know

There are still a lot of people who believe and open links from people whose origins are not clear, just because of the lure of gifts or free shipping coupons and the lure of safe online shopping, many end up getting caught in the trap of phishing. What is phishing? Phishing is a method used by someone to trap and steal data by taking over an account with certain aims and objectives. So, don’t just open links from unclear sources, make sure you get information about Akulaku only on Akulaku’s official social media so that online shopping is safe and keeps ALovers happy.


  1. Be careful with fake accounts

Currently, fraudsters under the guise of Akulaku customer service are scattered on Social Media. As the saying goes, one dies, a thousand grows. These fake accounts seem to never stop looking for prey and disrupt ALovers’ safe and peaceful online shopping. So that you don’t get caught in fraud or hackers disguised as Akulaku customer service, Kula reminds you again that Akulaku only has 3 official accounts. On Instagram @akulaku_id, Facebook Akulaku Indonesia, and Twitter @akulakuid. For those of you who have problems or complaints regarding Akulaku, you can directly contact the Call Center at 1500920.


So, how can ALovers become more aware of maintaining the security of your account from hackers? Hopefully this information can make you more comfortable shopping and making transactions at Akulaku.